Wings for Life

Extracorporeal shockwave treatment of spinal cord injury.

Running since 2017.

In course of our most recent Wings for Life project we examine the effect of low-energy extracorporeal shockwave treatment on the functional, morphological and molecular level in sub-acute and chronic phases of traumatic spinal cord injury.


A highly porous bioinert bone implant.

Running since 2017.

In course of the project HOBBIT, funded by the Vienna Business Agency Co-Create 2017, we are investigating the bone healing potential of a minimal voluminous, highly stable load-bearing scaffold combined with a gene activated matrix.

Signaling Implant

Implants signal to bone for bone growth and attachment.

Running since 2015.

In course of the project Signaling Implant, funded by, we aim to design new multifunctional bone implants with specific chemistry, topography and electrical potential features to stimulate bone growth. Active sites for bone attachment allow faster bone bonding and a stronger level of attachment. 


Enhancing the regeneration of bone defects in elderly: Rejuvenation of bone microenvironment.

Running since 2014.

In course of the project RejuvenateBone, funded by the Marie Curie Individual Fellowship, we are using human induced pluripotent stem cells as a source of signaling factors and extracellular matrix to enhance the function of endogenous bone and vascular cells and to develop off-the-shelf bone tissue substitutes for bone defect healing.