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Asmita Banerjee

Human AM (hAM) unites the requirements for stem cell specification with the mechanical and guiding properties needed for a tissue engineering strategy in peripheral nerve regeneration. Our team differentiates viable hAM towards the Schwann cell lineage, without prior cell isolation. Furthermore, we plan to optimize and up-scale the differentiation process regarding culture conditions and time, approaching in vivo implementation of the differentiated amniotic membrane.

Furthermore, as the human amniotic membrane displays an array of possibilities, we explore the potential to modify its bio-mechanical properties. On that account, as adhesion post-surgery is a common problem and transplanted material often needs to have non-adhesive surfaces, work on differentiation of human amniotic membrane in toto towards the lung epithelial phenotype, as these cells are known to produce surfactant molecules, which may enhance gliding properties of the surface of the amniotic membrane.