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Asmita Banerjee

Asmita Banerjee graduated with a diploma in natural sciences, specialising in molecular biology, from the University of Vienna. She obtained her doctoral degree in the field of cell biology at BOKU Vienna. Since then, she has been the coordinator of human amnion research and head of the cell culture facility at LBI Trauma.

The human amniotic membrane is a multifaceted platform that fulfils both the requirements for stem cell specification and the essential mechanical and conductive properties for tissue engineering strategies for peripheral nerve regeneration. Asmita’s research is intensively focussing on the potential of the amniotic membrane and, in particular, researching its biomechanical modification possibilities. Based on the intricacies of postoperative adhesion, which often requires a non-adherent surface, her research aims to differentiate the amniotic membrane towards the lung epithelial phenotype. The surfactant molecules produced play a decisive role here, as they can significantly improve the sliding properties of the membrane.

Asmita’s scientific work is characterised not only by her innovative spirit and creativity, but also by her pursuit of personal and professional growth. In addition to her deep scientific passion, she has a keen interest in education and entrepreneurship. She is a co-founder of the “lablife” platform; this initiative aims to make the knowledge and expertise in the field of cell culture accessible to a wide range of interested parties – from students to lab technicians to professionals and laypeople alike (more information on lablife can be accessed here).