The research groups of the LBI for Traumatology.

The mission of the Austrian Workers’ Compensation Board (AUVA) Trauma Research Center is to improve diagnostic and therapeutic measures in emergency medicine and trauma surgery.

Due to an interdisciplinary collaboration between pre-clinical and clinical expert teams, well-founded results from basic clinical research can be directly translated to the application in patients. Therefore, the LBI Trauma “supplies” on the one hand the 7 trauma hospitals and 4 rehabilitation centers of the AUVA and on the other hand the general trauma field with novel findings and innovations. Research topics span various areas, from intensive care to regeneration of damaged or lost tissue.


Research Groups

We aim to improve diagnostic and therapeutic approaches in trauma care and emergency medicine. This is achieved on a pre-clinical basis with optimized in vitro and in vivo models but also in patients with special emphasis on monitoring. We try to unravel the essential pathophysiological mechanisms that underlie sepsis and septic shock. The main focus is thereby put on examining molecular mechanisms that drive inflammatory responses and organ failure during septic shock. The aim for all areas is to develop well-tailored therapies (diagnostic-based or personalised medicine) that are based on the individual immune status of the patient. Sensitive diagnostic methods are used to diagnose, plan and monitor individual therapeutic measures and to optimize patient care.

To regain tissue function necessary to enable the return to a normal lifestyle post-injury, we are developing new therapies for tissue regeneration and improving the applicability of already existing ones. The main focus is put on practical efficiency and ethical acceptability in order to pursue translational approaches. A solid support from basic research coupled with a broad variety of pre-clinical models and analytical methods is therefore of fundamental importance.