Vascular Biology

In most higher organisms, vessels play a fundamental role. They transport blood from the heart throughout the body and drain tissue fluid back into the blood circulation. The cells that line up the inner side of these vessels are called endothelial cells. In the human body they weigh approximately one kilogram and if all vessels are laid end-to-end together they could encompass the earth twice.

The group of Wolfgang Holnthoner focuses on basic functions of endothelial cells in the formation and growth of blood and lymphatic vessels. In tissue regeneration new vessels are expected to sprout so that organs can be supplied with oxygen and nutrients. Further research emphasis is put on:

  • Isolation of endothelial cells and their progenitor cells (EPC) from peripheral blood and fat tissue
  • Co-cultures of endothelial cells and mesenchymal stem cells as tools for vascularization for tissue engineering
  • The role of endothelial cells in blood coagulation
  • The role of extracellular vesicles such as microparticles and exosomes in vascular biology
  • The influence of purinergic signaling on endothelial sprouting

The aim is to develop vascularization strategies that can be used in a clinical setting. Central for that is the characterization of artificial vascular structures. Furthermore, the regeneration of existing blood and lymphatic vessels represents a focus of the research in the endothelial cell group.


Selected Publications

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(free PDF)

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