Austrian Cluster for Tissue Regeneration

In December 2006, the Austrian Cluster for Tissue Regeneration was founded to pool and further develop expertise on tissue regeneration throughout different scientific institutions in Austria. Founded in part by the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Experimental and Clinical Traumatology and research groups from the Medical University of Vienna, the Bernhard Gottlieb University Dental Clinic and the Red Cross of Upper Austria, the Cluster established a broad network of know-how. The objective is to better understand soft tissue, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, bone and neuro regeneration and thereby enhance therapy through new and improved treatment methods. Research assignments arise from treatment necessities and proven benefits to patients.

Over the following years additional know-how was brought to the Cluster such as 3D printing with photopolymers, cell sorting and immortalization as well as simulation in silico, thus extending its list of members to 32 groups from fourteen leading scientific institutions all over Austria. By now also numerous companies participate in the Cluster or even originated from Cluster collaborations.

Through the establishment of the Cluster, clinical experts for bone and joint regeneration as well as neuro regeneration and specialists in imaging techniques are woven into one collective research fabric. The interdisciplinary teams include biochemists, chemists, biophysicists, molecular biologists, biotechnologists, electronic technicians and veterinarians and their assistants.

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Austrian Cluster for Tissue Regeneration
a. The Austrian Cluster for Tissue Regeneration.