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04 May 2024 by khirtenlehner

Strong Research, Stronger Nation – LBI Trauma at the WKÖ Conference

To emphasise the importance of strong research for Austria, the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKÖ) hosted the conference “Strong research, strong location”. Three federal ministers – Martin Polaschek, Leonore Gewessler and Martin Kocher – accepted the invitation, as did numerous other high-calibre guests. The LBI Trauma organised one of the two “Experience Islands”, where visitors were able to experience research at first hand.

An important message of the event was not only the emphasis on research itself, but also the importance of effective knowledge transfer between science and industry. Most of today’s challenges can best be overcome through the synergy of interdisciplinary expertise and the practical application of scientific results. The staff at the LBI Trauma constantly put this principle into practice: The Institute’s research covers a broad spectrum from basic biology to application in clinical practice and collaboration with companies. Our scientists not only enter into collaborations, but also found numerous start-ups themselves in order to promote the implementation of research results in concrete applications.

In order to strengthen Austria and Europe in the global innovation competition, an ongoing partnership between the spirit of research and entrepreneurship is essential. Know-how, according to the WKÖ, is our greatest asset. Because, as WKÖ President Harald Mahrer emphasises: “Every additional euro for research is an additional euro for the people who live here!”.

The Ludwig Boltzmann Society and its employees were represented on stage by Helga Nowotny, founding member and former President of the European Research Council and member of the LBG Board, and by Freyja-Maria Smolle-Jüttner, surgeon and President of the Ludwig Boltzmann Society. The Experience Island was organised by Conny Schneider, science communicator and postdoctoral researcher in the Sepsis Trauma Shock Groupn, with support by Veronika Hruschka, Regina Brunauer, Paul Slezak and LBI Trauma Director Johannes Grillari.

a. Paul Slezak, Veronika Hruschka, Regina Brunauer and Conny Schneider (from left to right) presented an Experience Island