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30 Nov 2021 by LBI Trauma

Dr. Marcin Osuchowski is the new president of the European Shock Society

Marcin Osuchowski, head of  Sepsis-Shock-Trauma research at LBI Trauma, has taken over as president of the European Shock Society (ESS) during the 19th ESS Congress. The conference, and his inauguration, was shifted to the virtual stage due to the pandemic. Dr. Osuchowski will hold the office until 2023. Traditionally, each president’s term ends with the task of hosting the next ESS conference. Thus, the 20th ESS Congress, 2023, will take place in Vienna, celebrating the Society’s 40-year anniversary.

The European Shock Society assembles a wide selection of scientists of different experience; from basic-science researchers to clinicians, from students, young investigators to leading experts in the field. The primary mission of ESS is to advance the understanding of the pathophysiology of shock, trauma and sepsis in order to improve current diagnostics and treatments (and devise new ones). To achieve this, ESS promotes the exchange of knowledge and ideas via its large biennial conferences as well as smaller local thematic meetings and personal/inter-laboratory communications and exchanges among ESS members. Young investigators are supported with professional education (e.g. ESS Summer School) and mentoring and are given ample opportunities to broadcast and compete with their research (e.g. European New Investigator Award Competition). ESS is one of the nine sister Shock societies gathered under the respected banner of the International Federation of Shock Societies (IFSS).

The LBI Trauma has a long track record of activity within the ESS; multiple LBI researchers have been long-standing ESS members, Drs. Redl and Bahrami had served as ESS presidents in the past and Dr. Osuchowski held the function of ESS treasurer until October 2019. The ESS/IFSS have been also supporting various LBI research and organizational activities; with active participation of ESS/IFSS members, Dr. Osuchowski coordinated two iteration of the Wiggers-Bernard Conference Initiative on Preclinical Sepsis Modeling, results of which were published as expert consensus guidelines for preclinical sepsis studies in the Shock journal (the MQTiPSS).

a. Dr. Marcin Osuchowski is the new president of the European Shock Society