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18 Apr 2024 by khirtenlehner

LBG quartet at the Salzburg Wound Days

Four researchers from various LBG institutions were represented in the programme of the Salzburg Wound Days. Tino Kulnik (LBI for Digital Health and Prevention) invited Kathrin Morasek and Conny Schneider to his session on artificial intelligence. Peter Dungel then introduced the packed conference hall to the topic of photobiomodulation (‘light therapy’).

Kathrin Morasek from LBG ShoW and the LBI for Arthritis and Rehabilitation delved deep into the world of AI-supported analysis of large data sets. Her presentation highlighted the potential and challenges of this advanced technology in the healthcare sector.

Conny Schneider, who represented both the LBG SHoW and the LBI Trauma, shared her practical experience of training AI systems. She emphasised why technology will not replace nursing staff in the foreseeable future. Just then, her presentation was interrupted by a spontaneous computer crash. A suspicious coincidence? Well, yes – great comedic timing anyway. Fortunately, Conny was able to improvise as a human and finish her presentation smoothly.

Following the AI session, Peter Dungel took over the stage to present the findings of his research group at LBI Trauma on photobiomodulation (“light therapy”). This novel therapy promises new ways of treating pain, infections and wound healing disorders. With their research, Peter Dungel’s group is deciphering the medical mechanisms of light therapy. The presentation sparked lively interest in the audience and was followed by an engaging Q&A session.

The quartet of scientists thus also represented a quartet of institutions – with the LBI for Digital Health and Prevention, the ShoW Group, the LBI for Arthritis and Rehabilitation and, finally, the LBI Trauma, a wide range of expertise was represented. This diversity of disciplines is what makes the LBG unique – and made the Salzburg Wound Days a complete success.

a. Peter Dungel, Kathrin Morasek, Conny Schneider, Tino Kulnik (from left to right) at the Salzburg Wound Days