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04 May 2022 by Ludwig Boltzmann

Johannes Grillari on ServusTV

The TV show Der Pragmaticus, like the print medium of the same name, explores central themes of our time. In “Der Traum vom ewigen Leben” (“The Dream of Eternal Life”), aging and mortality were examined from different perspectives, both from the ethical-philosophical and from the medical-biological side. LBI trauma director Johannes Grillari was a guest on the show as an expert on cell aging.

Grillari talks about how cells age and what that means for our body. He describes the state of cellular senescence and its effects on the body – both bad and good – and the goal of aging research: not to live forever, but to be healthy until the end.

“Der Traum vom ewigen Leben” was broadcast on May 1st on ServusTV and is still available in their media library: CLICK HERE TO WATCH

a. Johannes Grillari on air