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28 Sep 2022 by connyschneider

Jakob Schanda wins ON/AGA Orthoregeneration Award

At this year’s AGA Congress, Jakob Schanda was awarded the ON/AGA Orthoregeneration Award to honor his excellent work in the field of arthroscopy.

A committee selected the best studies for the award, also taking into account the quality of the presentations. Jakob Schanda, who is part of the shoulder regeneration group at LBI Trauma, convinced them with his study “Zoledronic Acid Substantially Improves Bone Microarchitecture and Biomechanical Properties After Rotator Cuff Repair“.  The prize was awarded on September 15 at the AGA Congress in Vienna. It was sponsored by the ON Foundation – a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting progress and innovation in the field of orthopedic tissue regeneration. Access to funding programs, education and networking is provided via the ON Foundation website: https://my.on-foundation.org/

Jakob’s study focuses on the effect of zoledronic acid on bone microarchitecture and biomechanics in the context of chronic rotator cuff tears. Without treatment, bone mineral density at the humeral head is reduced in affected patients. Bone loss in the humeral head is frequently associated with repair failure after rotator cuff reconstruction. Bisphosphonates such as zoledronic acid are known to increase bone mineral density.

Jakob and his co-authors from LBI Trauma and the AUVA Trauma Center Meidling were able to show that a single-dose therapy with zoledronic acid improves bone microarchitecture at the humeral head. They also recorded an increased load-bearing capacity after reconstruction of chronic rotator cuff lesions after the treatment.

In an interview with ON Foundation, Jakob Schanda talks about his findings and future research plans: Interview with ON/AGA Award Winner

a. Kay Horsch, Jakob Schanda and AGA-President Philipp Heuberer at the Award ceremony in Vienna