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10 May 2023 by connyschneider

Vienna Daughters’ Day: Scientist for a day

The Vienna Daughters’ Day gives young girls the opportunity to experience one day in a Viennese company, where they can get a taste of everyday working life in technology, crafts or the natural sciences. This year, for the first time, LBI Trauma was part of this exciting initiative.

On April 27th, twelve daughters between the ages of 9 and 16 got to walk in the shoes of a scientist for a day. They learned how to use micropipettes and were able to detect glycoproteins by means of a color change in the DMB assay. Colorful histological samples were assigned to the correct tissue under the microscope and skin cells were harvested in the cell culture laboratory. Last but not least, the girls learned how to mix fibrin glue and use it to treat a (sketched out) tissue defect.

The day was made possible by young female scientists volunteering their time to guide and supervise the girls: Lydia Zopf (bioimaging), Miriam Zintl (local haemostasis and soft tissue regeneration), Barbara Bachmann (senescence and healing of wounds) and Conny Schneider (cartilage regeneration and science communication) led through the program and answered all kinds of questions. Through providing practical insights, they aimed to spark the girls’ enthusiasm for the medical research and offer examples for exciting career paths in the world of science.

Heinz Redl, senior postdoc and head of our institute for 20 years, closed the day with a tour through the institute – complete with exciting, interesting and funny tales from the life of a scientist.

a. Biochemical assays, microscopy, cell culture – the Vienna Daughters’ Day gives girls the opportunity to experience the everyday life of a scientist.