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Nefertiti Chaves Solano


Nefer is a PhD candidate within the Cell-based Therapy Group at LBI Trauma, focusing her research on the exploration and characterisation of pro-regenerative bioactive factors derived from the human amniotic membrane. The primary aim of her project is to investigate these bioactive factors and to evaluate their impact on tissue regeneration signalling pathways in an appropriate in-vitro-model.

Nefer’s approach to tissue regeneration, which emphasises the potential of bioactive factors, might be a promising alternative to the conventional use of isolated or differentiated cells. As there are challenges associated with substantial manipulations during cell preparation for clinical applications, she envisions using these bioactive factors to facilitate more specific and effective therapeutic interventions. With these insights from her research, Nefer aims to refine the targeted application of the human amniotic membrane and eventually improve clinical outcomes in tissue regeneration significantly. In addition, insights from her study may lay the scientific groundwork for the development of cell-free therapeutic products, reducing the need for extensive cell preparation.