20 Oct 2023 by khirtenlehner

Space for science: Starting signal for a new research campus at the AUVA Trauma Centre

In an unparalleled collaboration between the City of Vienna, the Vienna Chamber of Commerce and the Austrian Workers’ Compensation Board (AUVA), a new chapter will soon be opened for the healthcare metropolis of Vienna: a modern research and business campus will be built at the AUVA Trauma Centre Lorenz Böhler site in Brigittenau in the upcoming years. The LBI Trauma, together with our sister institute LBI for Osteology, is already looking forward to moving into the new building in the future.

The research campus is intended to enable the sustainable networking of health, research and business. The planned building will bring together various partners under one roof – including research, laboratory and teaching areas, an orthopaedic technology centre and a start-up campus.

The direct connection to the trauma centre will make it possible to bring research results into clinical application more quickly and thus further develop clinical care. The creation of a central location for progress in science, medicine and business will not only further strengthen Vienna’s international visibility, but also its reputation as a leading centre for science and medical innovation.

With this project, the City of Vienna is sending out a clear message: fewer cars, more focus on research, innovation and medical progress. The plans for the new research and innovation centre go beyond the mere construction of a building. This campus will not only offer our more than 100 employees and their diverse ideas a new home, but also a space for creativity and innovation. The relocation from the basement to a new research tower symbolises not only a spatial but also a conceptual departure.

Vienna’s importance in trauma surgery, in particular through Lorenz Böhler’s first trauma centre worldwide, is continued through this project. The integration of our sister institute, the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Osteology, emphasises the comprehensive orientation of the new research and business campus. The professional, and in future also spatial, proximity of the LBI Trauma and the LBI for Osteology opens up opportunities for scientific synergies.

Read more via APA OTS (German).

a. With the ‚Letter of Intent‘: Mario Watz (AUVA), city councillors Peter Hanke and Peter Hacker and Walter Ruck (WKW)