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12 Mar 2024 by connyschneider

Senior Postdoc Prof. Heinz Redl turns 18

Heinz Redl, who served as director of our institute for 20 years, recently celebrated his 18th birthday. Well, at least he celebrated his birthday for the 18th time on the date he actually came into the world: February 29th.

The celebration was marked by a touch of nostalgia and a wealth of memories. LBI Trauma employees as well as numerous old acquaintances and long-time companions such as Wolfgang Grisold, Wolfgang Schaden and Claudia Wilfing gathered to celebrate Heinz.

A highlight of the evening was undoubtedly Werner Gruber’s lecture entitled “Thoughts during an emergency – what happens in the brain when you die?”. Werner Gruber, well-known physicist and co-founder of the science cabaret Science Busters, fascinated the audience with his findings. Werner, who was successfully resuscitated twice, scientifically examined his near-death experiences and highlighted the different areas of the brain that are active during such states. He explained in detail what functions these areas perform and how neural communication occurs during this state.

Afterwards, the guests enjoyed a culinary feast that Heinz had personally prepared. Eighteen different delicacies and drinks were available to choose from. Because as Heinz emphasizes again and again: every chemist should also master the art of cooking.

a. Heinz Redl, celebrating his birthday with Johannes Grillari (and Lorenz Böhler)