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15 Feb 2024 by connyschneider

Some nerve! David Hercher on the ‘Technikum Podcast’

The field of nerve regeneration has made considerable progress in recent years. In the latest episode of the ‘Technikum Podcast’ of the Vienna University of Applied Sciences, David Hercher, head of the neuroregeneration group at the LBI Trauma, took a closer look at these developments. Questions such as “Can nerves be artificially produced in the laboratory?” and “Can these artificial nerves be transplanted into accident victims?” took center stage.

While damaged nerves have traditionally been treated with autologous material from the body, recent findings have opened up new therapeutic approaches: Laboratory-produced nerves offer enormous potential for future treatment methods and provide innovative approaches for the treatment of nerve injuries.

Listen to the Podcast online! (German only)

a. The University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien invited David Hercher to join their 95th episode.