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06 Oct 2023 by connyschneider

LBI Trauma at the European Researchers’ Night

Every year, the European Researchers’ Night is held in numerous European cities with the aim of providing young and old alike with exciting insights into various areas of research and science. LBI Trauma was part of the event in Vienna: from 3pm until late at night, visitors of all ages flocked to our stand to explore the fascinating world of tissue histology, repair bones, experience photobiomodulation and gain insights into orthopaedic surgery.

The numerous participation of children was particularly impressive, where they experienced the wonders of microscopy with shining eyes and even had a go at surgery, supported by the innovative use of Play-Doh. Special thanks go to our PhD student Helene Dworak for this creative idea.

The event, which was held under the motto #exploREsearch, was organised by Munir Merdan for Austria and took place at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. A special guest of the evening was the renowned physicist Werner Gruber, who thrilled the audience with his captivating physics show.

We would like to thank Conny Schneider for coordinating the participation of the LBI Trauma, as well as our dedicated scientists – Helene Dworak, Barbara Schädl, Ortrun Neuper, Yvonne Klinger, Nadja Ring and Polijana Mesec (the latter not a scientist on paper, but a scientist at heart).

The numbers speak for themselves: a total of 4000 visitors shared the fascination of research with us. We would like to thank all visitors, organisers and, above all, our dedicated team members, whose enthusiasm and support helped advance the scicomm-mission of LBI Trauma.

a. Our booth offered educational entertainment for visitors of all ages.