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26 Apr 2022 by connyschneider

Joint session with LBI for Osteology at the annual ÖGGG conference

Premiere at the annual conference of the Austrian Society for Geriatrics and Gerontology (ÖGGG)! For the first time ever, we at LBI Trauma had the pleasure of organising a session together with the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Osteology (LBIO).

The annual conference provides specialists from different disciplines with an exchange platform; this year under the theme “Looking backwards – thinking forwards”. LBIO Director Jochen Zwerina, primary physician at ÖGK Hanusch Hospital, and LBI Trauma Director Johannes Grillari co-chaired the session “Bone Aging and Regeneration: from Bench to Bedside”.

This and numerous other contributions at the annual conference in Salzburg promoted work on holistic solutions to current problems in geriatrics and gerontology. In view of the increasing life expectancy, more and more complex clinical pictures highlight the importance of building bridges between disciplines. LBI Trauma always strives to promote interdisciplinary research. Projects such as the study of osteoporosis on an epidemiological level in Austria have already been implemented in the past.

a. Johannes Grillari and Jochen Zwerina co-chairing the session