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15 Jun 2022 by connyschneider

Interview: Veronika Hruschka talks to INKplant

Our administrative director Veronika Hruschka was recently invited to an interview via the INKplant platform. The contribution of LBI Trauma to this EU-wide project is one of the main points she addresses.

It is the hour of regenerative medicine – in a time of continuously evolving methods for the optimisation of implants, INKplant was launched. The project, consisting of 19 partners from seven countries, seeks to meet the demands of our ageing society by fusing cutting-edge technologies for biomaterials and 3D printing. An essential step towards better implants and the goal of LBI Trauma is to increase the biocompatibility of the developed biomaterials. The ink used for scaffold production needs to provide a suitable environment for the patient’s cells and is thus extensively tested in this regard. Years of research on biomaterial development and tissue regeneration equip LBI Trauma with the skills and facilities to fulfill this role.

Read the complete interview here: 3D-printing opens a whole new horizon of possibilities

a. Veronika Hruschka talking to INKplant