Christoph Schlimp is a specialist in anaesthesiology and intensive care medicine and a member of the Translational Anaesthesiology and Pain Medicine research group at the LBI Trauma. In addition to his role as Clinical Advisor at the LBI Trauma, Christoph works as a physician at the Institute for Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine at the AUVA Accident Hospital Linz.

Christoph’s research interests include the diagnosis and treatment of trauma-induced and perioperative coagulation disorders and haemorrhagic trauma-induced shock models. His clinical focus is on trauma anaesthesia, ultrasound-guided regional anaesthesia, as well as air rescue and intensive care transport.

Christoph is not only active in medical training and further education, but is also involved in supervising Master’s theses and students. In addition to his work at AUVA-UKH Linz and LBI Trauma, he is also regularly on duty as an emergency doctor.