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07 Mar 2023 by connyschneider

Marcin Osuchowski takes the European Shock Society congress to Vienna

The European Shock Society Congress is held every two years, linking translational science with clinical needs in the field of critical care medicine. The principle of the European Shock Society is to improve our understanding of shock, trauma and other threatening conditions. To this end, the ESS congress brings together scientists from a wide range of disciplines from all over Europe to exchange their ideas. This year, the ESS Congress will take place from 21 to 23 September 2023 at the University of Vienna.

Scientists of all backgrounds and levels of experience will have the chance to learn and contribute to the event: In line with the ESS principle, junior scientists will have the opportunity to further their education at the ‘Shock Summer School’, to present their posters, and to expand their skills in the context of several other program points. More presentations such as ‘Sepsis meets COVID-19’ will be featured during all three days. Around 30 internationally renowned speakers are expected for the congress.

As in previous conferences, the ENIAC Award (European New Investigator Award Competition) will be given out to honor outstanding young scientists. The five best abstracts are selected by a blinded jury and advance to the competition round, where the young researchers are to present their work in front of audience and jury.

This year’s congress also marks a special milestone: the 40th anniversary of the ESS and the 20th ES congress. The event is organized by the current ESS President Marcin Osuchowski, co-director and head of Sepsis Trauma Shock Research at LBI Trauma.

Information on the program, speakers and opportunities for networking can now be found on the new conference webpage: congress.auva.at/ESS2023

a. The ESS congress features an exciting program!