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01 Mar 2022 by connyschneider

Light therapy for wound healing and regeneration – Peter Dungl on QS24

As head of the photobiomodulation research group, Peter Dungel investigates the effects of light on cells and tissues as well as its underlying mechanisms. In an interview with the Swiss channel QS24, he talks about the possibilities offered by LED-light therapy in the field of wound healing.

The use of pulsed LED light has proven to be beneficial in regenerative medicine – Peter Dungel points out several effects. Increase of mitochondrial activity, among other things, triggers regenerative processes in the wound. Light therapy also enables the release of nitric oxide in the body, which plays an important role in the regulation of physiological processes. Dungel illustrates the opportunities offered by light therapy with an impressive example of a 96-year-old multimorbid patient: His foot amputation could be avoided after a 3-month therapy with cold LED-light.

The report was broadcast on Q24 in February and is available on YouTube, where it has already attracted more than 13,000 viewers. Click HERE for more information on light therapy and current studies by our photobiomodulation group.

a. Peter Dungel was interviewed on QS24