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09 Nov 2022 by connyschneider

LBI Trauma welcomes its Alumni

In the more than 40 years of its existence, the LBI Trauma has not only played a decisive role in shaping research in experimental and clinical traumatology – our institute has also been the starting point for numerous careers and had the pleasure to accompany many professional journeys.

The LBI Trauma has always been committed to the education and training of physicians and students (diploma theses, dissertations). Some graduates stayed with us beyond their thesis work, while others embarked on new adventures.

A wide range of careers, both academic and in industry, can be found among LBI trauma alumni all over the world. Despite sometimes great geographical distance, countless alumni remain connected to the institute. The cooperative nature of research provides a breeding ground for collaborations far beyond the time of employment.

The alumni meeting on November 4th revived this collaborative scientific spirit. The agenda included 3-minute pitches from former employees, in which they reported on their professional journeys. Among the guests were Shayesteh Fuerst-Ladani, CEO and founder of the SFL Group, Johannes Hackethal, founder of THT Biomaterials, biochemist Camille Lieners, Udo Obertacke, director of trauma surgery at the University Medical Center Mannheim, Heinrich Schima, ao. Professor at MedUni Vienna and Sandra Haudek, Associate Professor at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston Texas. Christina Schuh, Assistant Professor at Universidad del Desarrollo, Santiago, Chile and former head of the Neuroregeneration Group at LBI Trauma, certainly covered the longest distance, moving halfway around the world. Despite the time difference, she always kept in touch with us.

Short presentations by LBI Trauma group leaders rounded off the event and showed the guests what had changed since their time at LBI Trauma – and what will probably never change. Many photos from “the old days” were presented that got the audience chuckling.

a. Former and current LBI Trauma employees enjoyed an afternoon together