Intensive Care Research

Intensive Care Research

The overall strategy in intensive care research is to improve diagnostic and therapeutic approaches in trauma care and emergency medicine. This is achieved on a pre-clinical basis with optimized in vitro and in vivo models but also in patients with special emphasis on monitoring.

Projects in the area of intensive care cover the following topics:

  • Sepsis – Trauma – Shock
  • Trauma-induced Coagulopathy
  • Molecular Basis of Organ Failure and Regeneration

This research area tries to unravel the essential pathophysiological mechanisms that underlie sepsis and septic shock. The main focus is thereby put on examining molecular mechanisms that drive inflammatory responses and organ failure during septic shock.

The aim for all areas is to develop well-tailored therapies (diagnostic-based or personalised medicine) that are based on the individual immune status of the patient. Sensitive diagnostic methods are used to diagnose, plan and monitor individual therapeutic measures and to optimize patient care.