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Sylvia Nürnberger is MedUni Vienna’s Researcher of the Month


In December 2020, MedUni Vienna awarded the title “Researcher of the Month” to Sylvia Nürnberger, head of the cartilage regeneration group at LBI Trauma. The award was presented to her on the occasion of the study “Repopulation of an auricular cartilage scaffold, AuriScaff, perforated with an enzyme combination” published in the Top Journal Acta Biomaterialia.

µCT analysis determines survival time of Stone Age twins


In 2005, archaeological excavations on the Wachtberg in Krems an der Donau (Austria) revealed two Upper Paleolithic infant burials. Among them was the 31,000 years old double burial of two infants, protected by the shoulder blade of a mammoth and well preserved. Genetic, morphological and chemical studies were able to identify the two infants as identical twins and shed light on their short survival time.