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International Microscopic Image Award for Naimeh Hashemi


The 1st prize in the field Biomaterials at the 2nd International Microscopic Image Contest and Exhibition (IMIC 2018) was awarded to Naimeh Hashemi from the LBI Trauma. The contest was held at Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran.

Naimeh Hashemi, together with Asmita Banerjee from Susanne Wolbank’s group and Adelheid Weidinger from Andrey Kozlov’s group got this prize for their work on mitochondria in human amniotic epithelial cells and nanocluster uptake.

ÖGU Award for study on silk-based ligament scaffolds


The Austrian Society for Trauma Surgery (Österreichische Gesellschaft für Unfallchirurgie, ÖGU) awards this year’s Science Award in the category Best Experimental Work in the Field of Trauma Surgery to Andreas Teuschl as first author of the study “A Novel Silk Fiber-Based Scaffold for Regeneration of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament: Histological Results From a Study in Sheep”, published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine (2016 Jun;44(6):1547-57). Together with his team he successfully established the use of a silk scaffold for anterior crucial ligament regeneration.

Stefan Hacker awarded Theodor-Billroth prize


In course of the 58th Austrian Surgical Congress Dr Stefan Hacker from the Medical University Vienna received the Theodor-Billroth prize for his work titled “Paracrine Factors from Irradiated Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells Improve Skin Regeneration and Angiogenesis in a Porcine Burn Model”. The paper, which was published in Scientific Reports, originated in a cooperation with the LBI Trauma.

Best Abstract Award for Christina Schuh and Karl Schneider at LBG Meeting for Health Sciences 2016


Christina Schuh and Karl Schneider each won one of four Best Abstracts Awards from the Ludwig Boltzmann Society. The award ceremony took place on 29 November 2016 and was part of the LBG Meeting for Health Sciences 2016. The meeting gives young scientists the possibility to present their research.

Young Scientist Award 2016

Uwe Y. Schwarze, MSc from the Oral Biology of the Dental School, Vienna, was granted two awards at the Young Scientist Association Symposium 2016. First award was for Best Oral Presentations in the session Regeneration of Bones and Joints with the title “The *SOST*-knockout mouse model is more similar with Sclerosteosis in humans than previously known“. The second award was granted for the best artwork in the category “Live Visualization” in the Science-Art contest.