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Trauma-induced coagulopathy - New article in Nature Reviews Disease Primers


Trauma is the fourth most common cause of death worldwide and uncontrolled bleeding is a major preventable cause of death in patients with traumatic injury. Controlling hemorrhage is often more difficult than it seems though, as in severely bleeding trauma patients, coagulation may be altered. Both uncontrollable bleeding as well as hypercoagulation can occur as a result of a complex interplay of several mechanisms involving procoagulant and anticoagulant factors as well as cellular components.

In a brand-new article in Nature Reviews: Disease Primers, a multinational team of experts including Herbert Schöchl from LBI Trauma gives insights into these trauma-induced coagulopathies (TIC), their diagnosis and treatment. The complex mechanisms are visualized and key factors of the pathophysiology are highlighted. The article also sheds light on the bigger picture, describing the impact of TIC on the quality of life of survivors.

Read the full article HERE.

Primer with mechanisms and key points HERE.