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TERMIS World Congress 2021 - Abstract deadline extended!


At the upcoming world congress of the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society (TERMIS) in Maastricht, the Netherlands, the LBI Trauma will be present as organizer of multiple symposia:

  • Tissue Regeneration, Senescence and Aging, chairs Johannes Grillari (LBI Trauma) and Justin Cooper-White (University of Greensland) and keynote speaker James Kirkland (Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minnesota).
  • Human placenta material-based biomaterials for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, chairs Andreas Teuschl (FH Technikum Wien) and Heinz Redl (LBI Trauma), keynote speaker Johannes Hackethal (THT Biomaterials).
  • Preclinical and Clinical Non-viral Gene Therapy, chairs Georg Feichtinger (University of Leeds) and David Hercher (LBI Trauma) and keynote speaker Ilya Bozo (Histograft LLC).
  • Vascularization for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, chairs Andrea Banfi (University of Basel) and Wolfgang Holnthoner (LBI Trauma), planned keynote speaker Anjali P. Kusumbe (Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology, University of Oxford).
  • Translating perinatal derivatives into effective therapeutics for immune-based diseases, organized by Susanne Wolbank (LBI Trauma), chairs Antonietta Silini (Centro di Ricerca E. Menni-Fondazione Poliambulanza) and Andreina Schöberlein (University of Bern), keynote speaker Ranieri Cancedda (University of Genova).
  • iPSC-based bioengineering for tissue regeneration during aging and disease, chairs Darja Marolt-Presen (LBI Trauma) and Stina Simonsson (University of Gothenburg), keynote speaker Wolfgang Wagner (RWTH Aachen University Medical School).
  • Biophysical Therapies in Regenerative Medicine, chairs Paul Slezak (LBI Trauma) and Giancarlo Forte (St. Anne's University Hospital, Czech Republic), keynote speaker Praveen Arany (University at Buffalo).
  • Laser processing to support matrix repopulation, chairs Andrea Barbero (University of Basel) and Gerjo van Osch (ErasmusMC Rotterdam), keynote speaker Sylvia Nürnberger (LBI Trauma).

The deadline to submit your abstract to these and many more symposia has been extended until September 15, 2020. The submission form as well as further information on the congress can be found at the official congress website.