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Step-by-step guide for designing efficient DNA vectors


Gene therapy is defined by the introduction of nucleic acids into the patient’s cells to treat severe hereditary diseases (e.g. SCID, better known as “bubble baby disease”), certain types of cancer (e.g. precursor B-cell lymphoblastic leukemia) or viral infections. Promising applications can also be found in regenerative medicine. However, there is still a lot to optimize when developing new technologies. Viral systems face adverse immune reactions while the efficiency of non-viral systems is relatively low.

Ara Hacobian and David Hercher from the LBI Trauma dedicated a comprehensive review to the modification of DNA vectors and how to enhance their biological efficacy and efficiency, aiming for low toxicity and high specificity. Their step-by-step guide called „Pushing the Right Buttons: Improving Efficacy of Therapeutic DNA Vectors” made it on the high impact list of the journal Tissue Engineering. Until July 15th 2018 the article will be accessible for free on