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Heinz Redl Adjunct Professor at the University Clinic of Dentistry


Heinz Redl, head of the institute, has much to celebrate this year – his more than 500 publications hit the 25.000 citations mark, he’s been leading the LBI Trauma for 20 years and recently got an adjunct professorship at the University Clinic of Dentistry, part of the Medical University of Vienna.

At the inauguration taking place on July 4th he presented the excellent work of the Austrian Cluster for Tissue Regeneration which was founded 12 years ago partly by the LBI Trauma and the University Clinic of Dentistry. The two institutions can look back on a long-standing cooperation. At the competence centers for histology and hard tissue histology or via microCT countless samples are processed and visualized each year. In numerous joint projects topics such as the influence of circulating miRNAs on bone tissue or the development of hydroxyapatite pastes for bone regeneration are researched.

from our histology lab: Martius Scarlet Blue staining of bone tissue


hard tissue histology of a plate for stabilizing the fractured bone