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Bridging preclinical and clinical research during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic


In their brand new review article, Marcin Osuchowski and his co-authors from more than twenty research institutions from all over Europe address the interplay between preclinical and clinical research in the context of COVID-19.

Is this yet another paper in the jungle of COVID-19 literature? No! Their article is more than a mere summary of the published work of either domain. It gives a concise overview of preclinical models, specifically through the prism of identifying the most relevant synergy points for preclinical and clinical COVID-19 research. The pandemic underscored the importance of preclinical research in critical care medicine, anywhere from vaccine development to clinical trial design. The new review suggests a number of specific improvement points, investigative and logistic, with the potential to enhance the investigative synergy of preclinical and clinical research for numerous COVID-19 endpoints

On Twitter, Marcin Osuchowski invited the community to share opinions and thoughts on the paper. His short video has already gained more than 3400 views in just 18 hours.

The review can be read with open access on EBioMedicine: LINK