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Wolfgang Holnthoner on Radio Burgenland


"I have been following the scientific discourse on SARS-Cov-2 and the mRNA vaccination for a long time and I understand that it is not easy to keep track of things."

With these words, Wolfgang Holnthoner opened his comment in the Pinkafelder Stadtzeitung, in which he speaks about the role of mRNA and explains scientific discourse and consensus.

His words address uncertainties and worries of a broad public. This is probably how the ORF became aware of him and invited him to be a guest on Mahlzeit Burgenland, a popular program on Radio Burgenland, where he will talk about his connection to Burgenland, his hobbies, his favorite recipe but also his professional challenges in a relaxed atmosphere. The program will air on February 25, 11 am and can be listened to beyond the borders of Burgenland (in Vienna on UKW 94.7) via It will be released as a podcast after the broadcast.