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Newton puts animal-derived superglue in the spotlight

New adhesives inspired by nature have recently found widespread public interest. Originating from a variety of animals and plants they might ultimately replace cytotoxic adhesives used in clinics and broaden the application range of tissue adhesives.

In search for the optimal natural template Janek von Byern is interested in the trail of grapevine snails and the defense mechanism of mole salamanders, while Sylvia Nürnberger harvests the “cement” used by ticks to anchor tightly into the host’s skin.

The episode of the documentary TV show Newton which aired on ORF on June 8th follows the two scientists from the extraction of sticky substances to the lab, where their exceptional characteristics are to be uncovered. Moreover the use of fibrin glue which was developed at the LBI from blood components is being demonstrated.

With kind permission of the ORF the video is provided here.