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PhD with distinction for research on isolation and ex-vivo activation of adipose-derived cells


Congratulations to Julia Maier, who just finished her doctoral thesis with distinction at TU Vienna! In course of her thesis, she looked into isolation and ex-vivo activation of adipose-derived cells.

Stem cell research has become increasingly important for regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. Liposuction material offers an abundant source of mesenchymal stem cells without the ethical concerns linked to other stem cell sources. In course of her project, Julia applied an improved gentle and fast isolation process to obtain the therapeutically relevant cell population. Via extracorporeal shockwave therapy of human liposuction material and isolated cells from the stromal vascular fraction (SVF), she aimed to equalize and enhance stem cell properties and their functionality. Moreover, she studied the effects of photobiomodulation with pulsed LED light of different wavelength on freshly isolated SVF cells. Both methods displayed positive effects on the regenerative properties of the adipose-derived stromal/stem cells.