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New Axon Quantification App launched – Webinar Sept 13-16


Counting axons on histological sections can be a laborious task, yet it is essential to quantify the success of neuroregeneration. With about 300.000 cases of peripheral nerve injury in Europe, the quest for effective surgical and therapeutic options is one of the top priorities in medical research. The peripheral nervous system has been shown to have a remarkable potential to regenerate, but might need assistance, for example in the form of a biomaterial bridging the defect, which can then be reinnervated by new axons.

To provide a fast, standardized option to count these axons, David Hercher, head of neuroregeneration research at LBI Trauma, has worked together with the KML vision team. They incorporated a new application module into the IKOSA® microscopy image analysis software.

David Hercher will talk about his experience with the software, best practices and present real-life use cases on September 16, 17:00, as part of a webinar series from September 13-16, daily at 17:00. Register here:

The application module automatically segments the neurofilament-positive axons in histological sections of peripheral nerves stained for NF200. Count, area, circumference, roundness/elongation and diameter estimations of the axons are automatically calculated. LBI Trauma provided the samples to train and test the application.

The axon quantification module, used by a member of LBI Trauma’s neuroregeneration group, is featured in a recent video demonstrating the freehand tool for axon annotation.

The IKOSA Platform also provides modules for angiogenesis and wound healing research, such as spheroid sprouting and fibrin tube formation. The KML Vision AI Team is always open for new ideas from the research community.