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Crucial ligament research presented at the TERMIS world congress


Whether it might be from a skiing accident in winter or a football accident in summer, everybody has heard of someone who has injured their cruciate ligament. How these injuries are best treated to enable a quick return to a normal lifestyle is currently in the spotlight at the TERMIS world congress, taking place September 4th-7th in Kyoto, Japan.

LBI researcher Dr. Thomas Nau organized an own symposium on the regeneration of the anterior cruciate ligament. He managed to assemble the world’s leading experts in the field as speakers or participants at the symposium to present and discuss most recent insights.

„It was of special importance to us to recruit research groups whose results are close to clinical application. We want to put a focus on the translational character of the studies and thus demonstrate that findings from research can swiftly be implemented in the clinics for the benefit of the patient”, Nau explains.

The symposium’s program includes talks on new treatment options to improve anterior cruciate ligament regeneration. Austria is represented by DI Dr. Andreas Teuschl (University of Applied Sciences Vienna) who presents a novel therapeutic approach. In cooperation with the LBI spin-off company MorphoMed, silk is used to manufacture a scaffold to replace the anterior cruciate ligament – with excellent results in preclinical studies. The silk anterior cruciate ligament RegACL enables immediate full loading and is gradually replaced by autologous tissue in the patient, without signs for inflammation. The body practically grows a new fully functional anterior cruciate ligament with guidance from RegACL. Another benefit of this promising treatment: RegACL is available off-the-shelf, minimizing the necessary surgical procedure by abolishing the need for explanting an autologous replacement from the patient.

Polarized light microscopy of the picrosirius red stained silk scaffold with new collagen depositions.

The TERMIS world congress takes place every three years. Organized by the LBI Trauma, in 2012 Vienna became the location for this impactful event. As the official world congress of the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society (TERMIS) it is the most important event for presenting new findings in the field. Aim of the society is the worldwide advancement of science and technology for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.