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VICEM Diploma Thesis Award für Julia Böhm


The Vienna Center for Engineering in Medicine, (VICEM), an inter-university cooperation center between the Technical University of Vienna and the Medical University of Vienna, annually awards a Diploma Thesis Award for an outstanding thesis. This year, the award went to Julia Böhm from LBI Trauma for her work entitled „Extrakorporale Stoßwellentherapie – Simulation elektrohydraulisch erzeugter Stoßwellen und deren Druckfelder bei Gewebeinteraktion“ (Extracorporeal shock wave therapy - simulation of electrohydraulically generated shock waves and their pressure fields during tissue interaction).

In course of her diploma thesis, she developed a computer simulation to determine the propagation of shock waves and their pressure fields in 3D. Various influences, such as stochastic variations in the generation of electro-hydraulic shock waves, on the generated sound field can be examined. Moreover, realistic shock wave treatments of tissue can be simulated. This creates the possibility to identify previously missing correlations between the physical parameters of shock wave applications and the resulting biological reactions in the tissue. The comparison of therapy options facilitates the optimization of therapeutic parameters to improve clinical outcomes.