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Wolfgang Holnthoner as invited speaker at a workshop in Rome

Just recently Dr. Wolfgang Holnthoner, the head of the Endothelial Cell Group, was invited as speaker at the workshop "Innovation in Biomedicine: advanced in vitro and in silico models". This workshop was held at the privately owned Universita Campus Bio-Medico in Rome. Around 100 PhD students and other fellow scientists had the opportunity to listen to different talks dealing with the use of various model systems as alternatives to animal experimentation. Topics included the establishment of advanced cell culture protocols, novel microscopy technques and computer simulation models. The talk of Dr. Holnthoner focussed on the artificial generation of blood- and lymphatic vessels for Tissue Engineering and enjoyed good resonance mainly by the PhD students. In the frame of a gala dinner held on one of the hills where Rome was built long time ago, the speakers had the opportunity to exchange their expertise and initate new collaborations.

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