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INiTS award for Severin Muehleder

A very fancy location at the Vienna University of Technology was the place for the ceremony of this year’s „INiTS“-Award. Severin Muehleder, MSc, PhD student in the endothelial cell group at LBI Trauma could convince the jury in the category „Research beyond borders“ with his work on artificially constructed microcapillaries on so-called multi-organ-chips. The award (2000 €) was given by Dr. Boehmelt (Boehringer-Ingelheim), followed by a short presentation of Mr. Muehleder to the interested auditorium.

The project, which is currently funded by the EU program „Eurotransbio“, represents a close collaboration between the LBI Trauma and the University of Technology Berlin (research group of Dr. Uwe Marx), focussing on the necessary blood vessel supply in artificial organoids on chip platforms. The work of Mr. Muehleder was published last year in the „Journal of Biotechnology“, with another study of Mr. Muehleder as the first author being currently under review in another renowned scientific journal.