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Call for PhD Scholarship Application

The applications for the Scholarships of the doctoral program in Tissue Engineering, Regenerative Medicine (TERM&SC) & Stem Cells and Doctoral Program in Advanced Therapies for Health (PATH) are now open for the next academic year, 2016/17.

The LBI Trauma is one of the 9 Laboratories that will host PhD students together with 3B´s - UMinho under these programs. The scholarships will be paying the students salary and travelling.

These internationalized PhD programs, coordinated by the 3B’s Research Group, University of Minho, in collaboration with the European Institute of Excellence on Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (EXPERTISSUES European Economic Interest Group) aim at promoting the excellence in the formation of professionals by integrating multidisciplinary concepts.


The TERM&SC Doctoral Program and the PATH Doctoral Program aim at attracting both national and international students with excellent academic and/or previous research/professional experience on Biomedical Engineering, Biological Engineering, Materials Engineering, Biology, Medicine, Biochemistry, Medicine or related/equivalent areas.


Recently, the PhD Program TERM&SC and PhD Program PATH was also distinguished with additional funding for 5 extra scholarships by NORTE 2020, a financial instrument to support regional development in northern Portugal


Applications open from 5th of May to the 7th of June


TERM&SC 6 FCT + 5 PhD NORTE 2020 PhD scholarships - Apply now!

PATH 4 FCT + 5 PhD NORTE 2020 PhD scholarships - Apply now!


For more information consult http://termsc.3bs.uminho.pt/  and   http://path.3bs.uminho.pt/


 Applications: info@3bs.uminho.pt