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Friend and foe, science and art - publication on extracellular vesicles on the cover of Theranostics

Promising prospects on the application of extracellular vesicles for treating sepsis patients, but not without appropriate standardization of existing and development of new diagnostic methods – this is the core message of a paper written by an interdisciplinary team consisting of Pierre Raeven and LBI scientists Johannes Zipperle and Susanne Drechsler. It was recently published in the international Journal Theranostics.

International Microscopic Image Award for Naimeh Hashemi

The 1st prize in the field Biomaterials at the 2nd International Microscopic Image Contest and Exhibition (IMIC 2018) was awarded to Naimeh Hashemi from the LBI Trauma. The contest was held at Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran.

Naimeh Hashemi, together with Asmita Banerjee from Susanne Wolbank’s group and Adelheid Weidinger from Andrey Kozlov’s group got this prize for their work on mitochondria in human amniotic epithelial cells and nanocluster uptake.

Placing stem cells in the spotlight

During Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) pulsating light from LEDs is applied on cells or tissues. Already in clinical use for treating chronic wounds, it might also offer a new approach for the activation of freshly isolated stem cells from human adipose tissue. Peter Dungel and his team from the LBI Trauma were able to demonstrate that light therapy increases the cells’ regenerative potential. Their study has recently been published in the Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine.

Step-by-step guide for designing efficient DNA vectors

Gene therapy is defined by the introduction of nucleic acids into the patient’s cells to treat severe hereditary diseases (e.g. SCID, better known as “bubble baby disease”), certain types of cancer (e.g. precursor B-cell lymphoblastic leukemia) or viral infections. Promising applications can also be found in regenerative medicine. However, there is still a lot to optimize when developing new technologies. Viral systems face adverse immune reactions while the efficiency of non-viral systems is relatively low.

Heinz Redl in the Editorial Board of Progress in Biomaterial

Dr. Heinz Redl recently joined the Editorial Board of Progress in Biomaterials. The multidisciplinary international scientific journal is publishing studies and reviews on the preparation of new and evaluation of existing biomaterials, their chemical, physical and biological properties and applications in the areas of tissue engineering, regenerative medicine and drug delivery.

“Tell us!” wants to know your research question

Are you a medical professional working with traumatic injuries and feel like there are essential questions overlooked by science? Or are you a patient who feels like sharing first-hand experience? All of us have, in one way or another, experienced or witnessed injuries and subsequent treatment, but not many have ever had a chance to inform researchers about it. “Tell Us!” is looking for your input to improve research in the field of traumatology.

LBI Trauma is a partner on a FET Flagship proposal focused on Personalised Health Care

Trans4mMED - Transformative Patient Centred Personalised Medicine Initiative is a large-scale scientific and technological Future Emerging Technologies (FET) Flagship proposal that will address the grand challenge of developing regenerative, precision and personalised medicine to improve the quality of life of billions of patients worldwide.