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LBI researchers develop program for playful rehabilitation after nerve injury

In collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien researchers from the LBI Trauma have developed a computer program to playfully stimulate the link between visual and somatosensory cortex, thus creating a virtual sensory experience. David Hercher explained to the Austria Press Agency that for example after an injury to the Nervus Medianus or Nervus Ulnaris the brain would designate another another function to the area usually used for sensory perception. The function sensory perception would have to be learned anew, as soon as the nerves are fully regenerated. By using the newly developed program the area for sensory perception is stimulated and retains is function.

E-Health applications are on the rise. Medical applications recently won two categories of the state awards for digital solutions: one a smartphone app by SCARLETRED for measuring and documenting skin conditions and the other one the search engine “RadiologyExplorer” by “contextflow”, a startup founded in course of a collaboration between the Medical University Vienna and the Technical University Vienna.

Further reading (German): Wissenschaftler übersetzen Grundlagenforschung in E-Health-Technologien