abgeschlossene Projekte

Marie Curie International Reintegration Grant

Sepsis continues to be a major life-threatening condition in acute-care patients accounting for thousands of deaths annually, despite rapid progress in health care over the past decades in developed countries. The proposed project addressed the mechanisms and prevention of early mortality (SIRS) in experimental sepsis and its design focused on effective implementation of the "from bench to bedside" philosophy. The project consisted of three aims investigating acute immuno-inflammatory signalling triggered by a septic event.


"HIPPOCRATES - A Hybrid Approach and Cartilage Tissue Engineering using Natural Origin Scaffolds, Progenitor Cells and Growth Factors"

Coordinator: Rui L. Reis (University of Minho, Portugal)

This Project involves 3 Universities from Germany, Porugal and North Ireland, Red Cross from Austria and 2 top European companies - Germany and Belgium. Started in January 2004.